P3Link Xtreme Plug and Play System

P3Link Xtreme System LC Jumpers

P3Link Xtreme jumpers feature our unique pull tab uniboot LC connector for easy insertion and removal from high density patching fields and active devices. We use only the highest quality, tight tolerance ferrules in our connectors coupled with manufacturing/polishing procedures to ensure insertion loss and back reflection specifications that exceed industry standards. They are available in two performance grades, Low-Loss (LL) and Xtreme Low-Loss (XLL).

Bend Insensitive fibers are standard in all P3Link Xtreme jumpers.

P3Link Xtreme OM3/OM4 LC Jumper

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Optical Specifications

Insertion Loss (dB) OM3/OM4 OS2
Connected Pairs Low-Loss Xtreme Low-Loss Low-Loss Xtreme Low-Loss APC
LC 0.25 0.15 0.35 0.25 -
LC APC - - - - 0.50

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P3Link Extreme Uniboot LC with Pull Tab