P3Link Xtreme Plug and Play System

P3Link Xtreme System MTP Jumpers

P3Link Xtreme System MTP® jumpers are used to cross connect MTP trunks to active electonics, other MTP trunks, or extend MTP backbones. The feature 12 fiber, 3.0mm round plenum rated cable with internal aramid yarn strength members. They can be ordered pinned, non-pinned, or a combination of each. They are available in Low-Loss (LL) and Xtreme Low-Loss (XLL).

Bend Insensitive fibers are standard in all P3Link Xtreme MTP® jumpers.

P3Link Xtreme OM3/OM4 MTP Jumper

Ordering Information

Connector Performance

Loss Type Description Insertion Loss Connector
L Low-Loss 0.50 dB MTP
X Xtreme Low-Loss 0.35 dB MTP Elite

Transmission Performance

Fiber Type BC BB CB DB/FB* BA
Wavelength (nm) 850/1300 850/1300 850/1300 850/1300 1310/1550
Maximum Attenuation (dB/km) 3.4/1.0 2.8/1.0 2.7/1.0 2.7/1.0 0.40/0.40
Minimum EMB ( MHz * km) - 950/- 2000/- 4700/- -/-
Minimum OFL (MHz * km) 200/500 700/500 1500/500 3500/500 -/-
10 GbE Transmission Distance 66m 150m 300m 550m 80 km
40/100 GbE Transmission Distance - - 100m 150m 40 km

* Designates magenta jacket color

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